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When a “Thank You” Just Isn’t Enough

Today is my birthday, a pretty good day to give a great deal of thanks–even though that thanks feels insufficient. Continue reading “When a “Thank You” Just Isn’t Enough”

Lessons Learned From Two Weeks of Crowdfunding

The Kickstarter campaign for my next recording is now officially two weeks old, and it’s going gangbusters (92% funded as of this post)!

So for all creatives and makers and DIY’ers out there, I thought I’d share a few very quick lessons learned in case you’re thinking of finding support for your next project. Continue reading “Lessons Learned From Two Weeks of Crowdfunding”

Crowdfunding for “love & blood” Has Begun!

It’s a big day for me. Scary, too. 

I just clicked the “launch” button on the crowdfunding campaign for my next project, Love & Blood. Continue reading “Crowdfunding for “love & blood” Has Begun!”

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