In my last post, I shared my favorite new product, ArtResin. I even shared some tips for working with this glorious stuff.

Too bad I didn’t heed my own guidance.

My latest painting “Petals,” below, started out as “Petal” — singular. I used the same core tissue and ink technique described in the last post. I let it dry, added a perfectly mixed coat of resin, and torched those bubbles.

All those hours, all that work, and I couldn’t be bothered to do the very last step—cover the damned thing up.


See that black dot?That is an actual fly.


Quite a fly in the ointment, no? I may make 10,000 new mistakes, but I won’t make this one again.

Since I love the colors and lines in this painting, I decided to add another petal and cover that little critter up.

First, I sanded down the first coat of resin (and yes, the fly as well). I didn’t want to sand off all the resin, not by a longshot. I just needed a rough enough surface so that the new level of ink and tissue and resin would adhere well. And you can bet I built a box to cover the canvas.

Here’s the final painting:



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