Last week I wrote about why I’ve left a good job (Plan B) to start living  purposefully (Plan A). In a week or so, I’ll post about how I pulled that off, but this week… I’m at the beach.

Surfside Beach, TX to be precise.

It’s my exquisite, low-key winter paradise on the Gulf Coast. I imagine that it’s packed with young inebriates during Spring Break and swarming with families every day from Memorial Day through Labor Day. I wouldn’t know.

I come in late February, the end of low season when the prices are cheap, the temperatures are mild, and the beaches are empty. Plus, you’re allowed to make a fire on the beach and watch the moon over the surf. Tell the truth: you wanna come too, don’t you?

There’s nothing like a winter beach vacation to unplug, get quiet, and clear out some room in your head for new ideas to find fertile soil. On my first trip in 2010, I got the idea for my first blog, The Big Scout Project. On subsequent trips, I’ve written songs, worked in watercolors, and snapped a ton of photos.

And I walk and walk and walk on beaches populated only by seashells and a few local surfers who come out to play when the surf’s up.

Join me next year and you might get a look at this: