Spires. Mixed media, 20" x 24"
Spires. Mixed media, 20″ x 24″


Ever since painting Surface Tension, Fizz, and a few other pieces yet to be posted on this site, I’ve been drawn to a combination of watercolor or gouache with acrylic.

And, I’m increasingly drawn to highlighting imperfection and flaws. In my sadness over the last few months, I’ve stumbled into Kintsugi, the Japanese philosophy of repairing cracks in pottery with gold. They are highlighted instead of hidden, bringing attention to their new beauty.

The horizon line in Spires is my first foray into these golden breaks, and, in one section, there is even a new “flaw” emerging (the only blue in the painting). With this painting, I believe I’ve found an important element for my work, at least in the coming months.