My marriage, like many relationships, was full of magical thinking–the search for beautiful patterns demonstrating that, well, everything’s going to be wonderful after all.

In this painting Magical Thinking (mixed media, 22″ x 28″), those circular patterns are embedded in swirls of thick, black paint and some milky overtones; this represents the (frankly) murky depths from which we all try to pull that magic.

Of course, like the bubbles we blow as a child, the magic isn’t sustainable. At least, it wasn’t in our case.

There are so many dozens of layers of (imperfect) glossy resin on this painting that I could not begin to count them. Look closely, and you’ll see my vague shadow in this photograph. Wherever this painting might hang, I want the reflections there. It’s important to see ourselves in our own magical thinking; we are, after all, the creators of these thoughts.