It’s a big day for me. Scary, too. 

I just clicked the “launch” button on the crowdfunding campaign for my next project, Love & Blood. And that means I’m asking the world for some help, which is way out of my comfort zone.

It’s a project about change: change in my personal story, and change in the way I want to share that story with the world.

Love & Blood features songs and art that represent commitment, damage, loss, acceptance, and forgiveness with as much clarity as I know how to muster.

But there’s more.

Love & Blood isn’t a traditional CD project. In fact, these days it makes no sense to press a few thousand CDs that simply don’t sell like they used to.

It does, however, make a LOT of sense to try something completely new. That’s why Love & Blood is really about modernizing the old-school album experience. It’s about creating a multi-media experience online in which the iPad (or laptop or smartphone) replaces the venerated album cover.

Sound like a simple idea? It is. That’s why it’s entirely worth doing.

I’m asking for the support of fans, friends, family and even strangers to make this happen. In addition to my own funds, I’m raising an additional $6,200 to cover music production expenses.

Curious to know more? Click here or on the pic below. Watch the video, read more about the project. And then consider a pledge level and rewards that work for you. Early support is really critical to the likely success of any crowd funding campaign, so I hope you’ll consider joining me today.

These days, it takes a village, and I’m grateful to have wonderful neighbors.

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