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Jean Synodinos | Austin, TX


August 2014

Fun Times: The Murder Ballad

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a painting, “Mercy,” and the song to which its loosely connected. Continue reading “Fun Times: The Murder Ballad”

Quarter Notes

I’ve been taking a fresh look at this painting, “Quarter Notes,” which is about a year old now. I remember thinking at the time that it seemed too easy, but that’s a ridiculous way to think about creativity. Continue reading “Quarter Notes”

Yes! That’s it!



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Austin’s Trees & Things That Live in Them

Here in Austin, we don’t have a lot of exotic trees. We have multitudes of sturdy and steady Live Oak; they only shed their leaves as new ones emerge, giving us year-round greenery. We have gnarly Mountain Juniper trees with branches like witches’ fingers, Continue reading “Austin’s Trees & Things That Live in Them”

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