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Jean Synodinos | Austin, TX


July 2014

You’re Pretty Good… For a Girl

I had dinner recently with my good friend Carla Black, founder of Rockrgrl magazine and MEOW (Musicians for Equal Opportunities for Women). She spent decades as a tireless advocate for women in music. Sadly, that’s no way to make a living, so she’s recently jumped the wall and will make her first million selling precious Austin real estate. You go, girl. Continue reading “You’re Pretty Good… For a Girl”

Original Sin


This is my first favorite painting, the first one that made me go, “yeah, I want that on the wall.” And it hangs over my bed against a red, red wall. Continue reading “Original Sin”

My Romantic Neighborhood

I live in a quiet, working class neighborhood on the south side of town. The streets are wide, but the homes are small. Even though there’s genuine cultural diversity on these blocks, the houses are homogenous. It’s pretty safe, the taxes won’t kill you, and I think of it as one of the last few truly affordable areas to buy a house in south Austin. Continue reading “My Romantic Neighborhood”

Surface Tension

I just finished this painting, Surface Tension. It’s watercolor and acrylic, 36″ x 24″.

You know how you can fill a glass to the brim and even add just a little bit more so the water seems to rise above that rim? And then just one drop too much brings on the spill? Continue reading “Surface Tension”

Mercy, Mercy

I’ve been doing some painting that aligns in some way with songs I anticipate recording this fall. This one, “Mercy,” contrasts the overwhelming force of nature against those of us occupying space on the planet. Continue reading “Mercy, Mercy”

Comparing To-Do Lists

In my circle of acquaintances, I am the Queen of the To-Do List. I have a daily, weekly, and monthly list. Mostly, they serve me well. Occasionally they’re a big ball and chain, and I ignore them all for a week or more… until it’s clear that shit still needs to get done. Continue reading “Comparing To-Do Lists”

A Few (More) Haiku for Summer


The fine summer sand
That stole home in your sneakers
Kisses your toes in fall. Continue reading “A Few (More) Haiku for Summer”

That’s the Job


We ache for shared vocabulary, linguistic or otherwise, and it’s the job of the artist to find a common language that will make others sit up, take notice, and recognize themselves in the art. The common language is context. It’s community.

It might take a lifetime to learn the language, but that’s the job.


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