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Jean Synodinos | Austin, TX


June 2014

I Heart NOLA

I guess the first time I visited New Orleans was about 12 years ago, before Katrina changed its face and heart and soul. Continue reading “I Heart NOLA”


There’s a song destined for the next album. It’s called “Picture.”

My ex and I talk often, and I imagine it will be quite awhile before I stop thinking about what, to me, should have been a phenomenal partnership. Continue reading “Picture”

Spirograph Series

An early series from June-October 2013, it was the simple re-appropriation of a favorite childhood toy. Continue reading “Spirograph Series”

Specialization Begins At Home

Creativity of one sort or another is in the DNA of my people. Visual arts, performing arts — the bases are covered on both sides of the gene pool. So one might assume that my sister and I have each had wild and lifelong experiences bopping around from discipline to discipline. Continue reading “Specialization Begins At Home”

Five Smart Thoughts on Work

So… that one pictured above is my favorite, but here are four more I like a lot:

Continue reading “Five Smart Thoughts on Work”

A Few Haiku for Summer

The weekend cowboy’s
Pressing business out of town
Left her eating dust. Continue reading “A Few Haiku for Summer”

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today, I woke up and said, “I’m ready to paint.” Continue reading “One Year Ago Today”

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